DMD Engineering and Testing, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm established in 1994 and is based in Roswell, Georgia. Our firm has provided geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, and construction management services on numerous projects throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, as well as the Southeast.

We offer a high level of expertise in analysis and design standards, which ensure a high-quality and cost-effective project. DMD Engineering and Testing, Inc. has a strong background in conducting subsurface investigations and foundation studies and providing recommendations for a wide range of applications.

Using state-of-the-art methods and established auditing procedures, DMD offers the most comprehensive environmental assessment services. We have extensive knowledge of all applicable environmental regulations as well as experienced technical judgment. DMD engineers will ensure quality and consistency in all environmental assessments by following the most current standards issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Using these widely accepted standards, we will provide thorough auditing services in a timely and efficient manner. DMD’s qualified environmental professionals are capable of limiting the liability associated with our clients’ property transactions.